Tandems for refugees

We are seeking to connect people in our neighbourhood. Therefore, we offer to bring together refugees and long-term residents in tandems.

In a tandem two people meet, exchange and share some of their leisure time activities. We suggest you to meet for example once a week for 2 to 4 hours.

In a tandem, you decide together how you want to spend your shared time, how often and where you want to meet etc.

Our social workers are there to support with any kind of questions, problems or issues that may come up while you are engaging in a tandem. We also offer support with legal and social issues.

You may also take part in the educational programme around the tandem-project. The educational and reflective workshops are based on the experiences and needs of all participants.

Refugees may also join our monthly exchange meetings and get to know others in similar situations. During meetings you can engage in activities, talking, playing, learning and mutual empowerment.

If you are interested in finding a tandem-partner or have any other questions please contact us by phone: 030 600300-5530 or e-mail: tandem@drk-wedpre.de

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